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Transforming Meat Protein Production with Plants
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Meir Wachs, CEO
Heme iron proteins that transport oxygen are the proteins that give meat its meaty, umami flavor. They are what makes meat taste to us like meat. That is the crucial ingredient.
Animal agriculture takes up 77% of all agricultural land on Earth despite supplying only 17% of humanity’s food supply.

Increasing awareness of animal agriculture’s impact on the environment together with wider consumer demand for natural health benefits and skepticism over meat supply chains has led to skyrocketing consumer demand for meat alternatives. However, along with higher lab production costs and complexity, the holy grail of taste, texture and relative cost remains elusive. Moreover, health concerns over processing have begun to percolate and questions over actual sustainability and clean labels remain.

Kyomei’s approach grew out of research at the University of Oxford and directly addresses these issues, innovating a novel animal protein production system using internal plant cell biology to produce natural and sustainable animal proteins. Kyomei produces proteins at scale, to power the next generation of meat alternatives.