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Chris Rhodes, Ph.D., CEO
We're giving you all the benefits of fasting--even when you eat.
10% of Americans now practice some form of intermittent fasting, but almost no products exist to support this massive market.

Dr. Chris Rhodes, the CEO of Innate Biology and nutrition influencer with over 150K followers on TikTok (@thatnutritiondr), wants create products that can support the massive intermittent fasting industry. Innate Biology has invented the world’s first “fasting mimetic” supplement designed from years of human research at UC Davis to give people the benefits of fasting without the fasting. How? By supplementing with a combination of the same beneficial bioactive metabolites your body naturally produces during a prolonged fast.

Unlike their competition, Innate’s fasting mimetic is designed from human research, for maximum human benefit. These are the compounds that evolved in your own body over millennia to induce a “bio-program” of cellular health, regeneration, and longevity. The results? Innate has shown that their fasting mimetic extends lifespan by a stunning 74% in model organisms and creates powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in human cells.