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Boost the Predictivity of Drug Discovery
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"We were quite disappointed by the lack of relevance of in vitro models. So we decided to create a new method, much more predictive, to improve drug discovery."
Animal models fail to predict 90% of adverse side effects. There is a strong need to develop relevant systems to better anticipate drug toxicity.

Drug development costs over $2 billion per drug with a failure rate of 90% because in vitro methods do not mimic the systemic organization of the human body and animal models are too different from Humans. As a result, the limitations of in vitro testing reduce the probability to develop safe and efficient drugs for patients needing them and prevent an efficient transition toward animal-free drug discovery.

FluoSphera is developing the first liquid microphysiological systems (MPS) ever made to revolutionize drug discovery. The MPS of FluoSphera recapitulates the complex organization of the human body in vitro by mimicking the communications between multiple human organs. These smart tools thus predict the effects of candidate drugs much better, even before they reach the first patient, to stop missing the most promising drugs.

With this powerful technology, FluoSphera helps to increase the success rate in clinical trials while proposing superior alternatives to animal experimentation.