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Mike Selden, CEO
Our technology comes in two parts, the first part being large scale production of unstructured cellular biomass - growing a lot of cells and making them taste good, have the right nutrition and be affordable. The second part is the structuring of cells, giving them the right texture, look, and feel of meat.
386 fish species — two-thirds of all species — had ingested plastic. And of those, 210 were species that are commercially fished.

If you’re eating fish, you might as well take a bite out of a plastic thermometer as a side dish. Studies point to significant amounts of mercury and microplastics found in nearly all the fish that we eat. Now is as good as time as ever to start using our technology to make better seafood, without being harmful to humans, nor harming any fish in the process.

Finless Foods started when the founders thought real hard about how our food systems are inefficient and environmentally devastating. They wanted to change this with lab grown fish: take a small sample of fish cells, and then grow thenm quickly and cheaply as a replacement for conventionally caught fish. To the consumer it will look like the fish they know and love to eat, but on the inside it will be very different. Finless’s fish is a return to the traditional fish that people used to eat before we polluted the oceans.