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Climate Crop
Breaking the photosynthetic barrier for 400k species
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Yehuda Borenstein, CEO
"Our solution is not competitive with other crop science programs. It's additive. It's fast, easy, and we can work on almost all crops."
Immediate yield jumps: 90% in Potatoes, 41% Canola, 24% Sorghum. Coming soon: Poplars, Cotton, Corn, Lettuce

Photosynthesis wastes sunlight. Many scientific efforts are underway to reengineer photosynthesis to increase yields. Climate Crop – 5 years in the making at Weizmann Institute – will outgrow them all. 

It works in all vascular plants. It’s simple – downregulating one enzyme. During the day, plants increase their storage of transient starch; at night, they use this starch as building blocks for all cell matter. Climate Crop simply increases the storage of transient starch – then the plant takes it from there.

Climate Crop will power applications across agriculture and industrial markets. Higher yielding cotton. More affordable animal feed. Carbon-sucking poplars.  Aviation fuels from rapeseed.