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The first nematode pheromone company
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Fatma Kaplan, PhD, CEO
Since nematode pheromones were water-soluble, we could apply them with irrigation water to the soil where plant-parasitic nematodes attack plant roots.
NASA sponsored Pheronym's nematodes mission to the ISS in 2018

We spend around $70 billion worldwide on toxic chemicals used as pesticides, but that number is shrinking, as places like Europe and even the US are calling on a ban on toxic pesticides that harm both bees and humans. There is still a growing need, however, for safe and effective pesticides to meet the world’s demand for food.

Pheronym’s technology improves plant health and crop yield using a new pheromone to control parasitic roundworms and control insect pests in the soil, enabling farmers and cultivators to apply bio-pesticides for eliminating insects without affecting the plant’s health and freshness.