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Supercharging sustainable agriculture
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Sumit Verma, CEO
If the world had a biological fertilizer that truly works and is just as cheap, we can turn the tide for organic farming around the globe
Despite so much attention and innovation, only 1.5% of agricultural land is organic.

Plants have evolved to live in a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi present in the soil. As one would expect, soil bacteria play an outsized role in plant growth, but making it a product that the agricultural industry can use en masse has been difficult.

Reazent makes truly biological fertilizers by leveraging this symbiotic relationship between plants and bacteria. By being able to turn on a metabolic switch in bacteria, Reazent can make a fertilizer that is organic and more sustainable than the leading agrochemicals, while also being as (or more) effective. Reazent’s biological fertilizer can be applied to any crop, and is currently being tested in multiple field trials all over the world, and has already acquired a scale up partnership.