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Pollination as a service
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Matias Viel, CEO
No one has paid much attention to pollination, and we are trying to demonstrate to farmers that pollination can be a solution to achieve the demand for food that the world will have in the next few years
The number of bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90 percent since 1962... making pollination harder than ever

70% of agricultural produce relies on bes for pollination. Yet modern agriculture has neglected pollination as a means to improving yields, and we know that bee colony collapse is a major risk factor for food security in the coming years.

Beeflow’s bee health supplements and bee hive management supercharge pollination, leading to an increase crop yields and improve the quality of fruits and seeds, without compromising the health of bees. By measuring pollination and bee-plant interactions Beeflow can help farmers plan water use, fertilizer use and enhance farm inventory management. The company has been running successfull pilot programs over the past two years, delivering unprecedented yields and now rapidly scaling to expand operations to farms across the West Coat and Latin America, covering almonds, berries and more.