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From Nature to Life
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CEO Tomas Silicaro
"We want to revolutionize the Solvent industry - turning it into a Natural, Sustainable, and Biodegradable one. We are convinced that we can make industries better and greener with our products"
70 million liters of non-green solvents are being manufactured per day

Nowadays, solvents are a necessary part of the production process in many industries and are essential for many products to work effectively. Despite their widespread use, the solvent manufacturing industry is highly reliant on petroleum refineries or manufacturing petrochemical plants. Only 10% of solvents today are manufactured using other feedstocks such as biomass.

Bioeutectics is determined to help industrial processes become more sustainable by bringing green solvents to the mainstream. The company’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable solvents are made using a combination of eutectic technology and green chemistry, allowing them to customize products and adapt them to a variety of industries such as food, pharma, and personal care.