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Amino Labs
Making biotechnology education accessible
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Julie Legault, CEO
I think, for us, the future of biohacking and technology is in the home. In the next years, non-scientist will get a taste of what can be created safely through bioengineering by using living cells as micro-factories, just like they do in the industry.
Amino Labs caters to the 90% of schools that don't have a traditional lab, nor industry trained professional staff.

Amino Labs is pioneering accessible genetic engineering by enabling non-experts to begin learning and doing genetic engineering projects outside of traditional environments. With a technology ecosystem that includes a new type of lab equipment called a minilab, a wide range of genetic engineering wetware kits, and online software simulations, Amino Labs offers the most comprehensive range of genetic engineering education products on the market.

Amino Labs is unique in that it is the only company that tailors products for non-experts. Presently there are educational products that aid in teaching genetic engineering, however, they are designed and developed for “expert” teachers that have professional training (life science Ph.D or industry expertise), and for schools with traditional laboratory equipment. This represents a substantial barrier and we estimate that more than 90% of secondary schools, more than 47,000 schools in North America, are unable to offer genetic engineering education to their students.