May 3, 2022
Life science innovations on display at IndieBio Expo

On April 20 at an Expo at IndieBio SF, investors and media got a peek at the technology and products of several of the program’s alum and had a chance to meet the founders of the current IndieBio SF cohort. The CGTN video “Tech startups combine technology with nature” features four of the startups, including Sea & Believe (SOSV IBSF12 2021), which produces realistic alternative seafood using great tasting seaweed; Veloz Bio (SOSV IBSF12 2021), the world’s fastest protein design and development platform; earth friendly bio-pesticide producer Pyrone Systems (SOSV IBSF12 2021); and protein-based reef- and human-safe sunscreen maker Soliome (SOSV IBSF12 2021). 

You can learn more watching these companies and more pitch at the IndieBio Demo day, which took place on April 26.