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Reinventing Brain Care Through AI
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Kris Vulgan, CEO
"There is no regular screen for brain disorders. We have reached an inflection point where science, data and technology are letting us rethink that using a simple, available brain scan."
Globally, 1 in 6 individuals will suffer from a neurological disorder.

Neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s, can be challenging to diagnose, especially earlier in the disease progression when symptoms are subtle. Alzheimer’s is both under-diagnosed and misdiagnosed, resulting in delayed diagnosis and treatment on average by 2-3 years after symptom onset and only in the latter stages of the disease once it has taken hold. Based on the groundbreaking research carried out in Scott Small’s lab at Columbia University, Tesarakt uses AI and machine learning to enhance the predictive power of neurodiagnosis using conventional MRI scans, and powered with access to the largest database of MRI scans. 

Parkinson’s disease & Alzheimer’s disease are the initial indications they are pursuing, with the potential to detect both diseases years before first symptoms arise.