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Stream Genomics
Sequencing as fast as streaming video
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* Data source: Crunchbase
“Despite amazing achievements of DNA sequencing technology over the last 20 years, the data is only affordable at scale in large complex facilities. Rethinking silicon-based detection and enzyme-based sequencing chemistry is key to wider adoption.”
The last 20 years of DNA and RNA sequencing technologies has been incremental. You can plot the cost performance on a trendline that hasn't diverged.

Why we invested:

At a small networking event, the founders said softly to us: “we are working on a technology that can completely upend the entire sequencing industry.” We leaned in to listen; after all, the founders have been working the front lines during every major pivotal point in sequencing history: Illumina’s acquisition of Solexa in 2001, the introduction of HiSeq (2010) and Novaseq (2017) which redefined the meaning of “high-throughput,” and when Ultima’s UG100 unshackled us from flow cells. Stream goes further, to untie us from library preps, from amplification, and from the massive computational overhead of imaging-based sequencing.

Their technology leverages a proprietary method that can monitor chemical incorporations in real time, leading to 1000-fold reduction in compute, and up to 100-fold increase in speed than the technologies we have today. The best part: the sequencer itself is an order of magnitude cheaper, which solves the switching cost for customers. The engineer, scientist, and commercialization leaders on the executive team have a combined 60+ years of experience at major competitors, including Illumina, PacBio, and Ultima. We believe that SPEED will unlock and expand markets like what Netflix did to Blockbuster, what PCs did to supercomputers, what Amazon 2-day delivery did to retail, and this is the team to execute it.