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Pando Nutrition Inc.
Carbon neutral beef
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Doug Manofsky, CEO
Methane emissions are bad for the cow, the farmer, and the environment!
Cows generate over 100M tons of methane annually.

Antibiotics are like nuclear bombs for the microbiome, completely wiping out the bacterial community to promote livestock growth. But what if we can nurture the animal by selectively promoting good microbial consortia while eliminating the bad ones? And what if we can save the planet in the process?

Pando Nutrition is leveraging their designer probiotic as a replacement for antibiotics, and has shown to outperform bacitracin as an antibiotic, while also increasing chicken growth by 10% and making them healthier. Their product has also been shown to reduce methanogenic bacteria in cows, which produces the potent greenhouse gas, methane (which is why their burps are so bad for the planet!). The ultimate goal is to completely eliminate methane-emissions from cows, to create carbon neutral beef.