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Nutrition From Water
Natural nutrition from pristine waters.
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“Everybody deserves natural, delicious, safe nutrition at an everyday price. Using non-extractive, efficient technology, we are making Nutrition from Water available for everybody.”
Marine Whey has 6x fewer emissions and 5.5x less land use than dairy protein.

Why we invested:

For us to invest in alt proteins in 2024 requires that we see a team and product that are laser focused on solving a deeply felt commercial problem at previously unheard of speed. Since our first meeting, the NXW founders–themselves food industry veterans–have shown their ability to move fast while building trust with not just one, but a coalition of the biggest dairy and nutrition leaders across 6 continents.

They’re quickly creating a global footprint for their Marine Whey product line that drops-in and expands multiple huge core categories for  their business partners. NXW will be one of the fastest companies to get to industrial scale production in the sector, and create affordable, premium-quality, great tasting products while remaining lean and capex-light.