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Lypid makes vegan oils perform like animal fats
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Jen-Yu Huang, Ph.D, CEO
Phytofat... makes the mouth happy
High perfoming fats are the missing key ingredient to elevate the taste, texture and appearance of plant-based products.

We’ve had an on again, off again relationship with fats. One crucial challenge for plant-based foods is that they’re missing the fat. Most of the time, they incorporate coconut oil as an ersatz lard or butter, and it’s simply not hitting the spot. As a B2B company, Lypid is putting a new spin on fats to bring lip-smacking goodness to the exploding plant-based meat category.

Despite huge sales jumps, plant meat is only 2.5% of the protein market. For the next wave of growth, plant meat needs to be more like animal meat.

Vegan oils have different textures, melting points, water content, and flavor-volatility than animal fats. Lypid are the inventors of PhytoFat, a line of fats made from vegan oils that can be tuned to precise textures and melting points. They do this without additives like texturizers, emulsifiers, or hydrogenation. Their secret? Water. Which makes their products healthier, lower cost, and more fat-like.