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Cocoa-Free Chocolate
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“The food industry is at a crossroads. Huge change is needed to securely and sustainably feed 10 billion people whilst reducing emissions, curbing deforestation, and safeguarding it from climate change.”
The chocolate industry is responsible for mass deforestation. The equivalent of 782 football pitches are lost every day.

For centuries, chocolate has been a staple ingredient and sweet treat in diets all over the world, but its future is in trouble. Chocolate production has long been associated with significant carbon emissions and deforestation, with a looming supply deficit predicted by 2030. To save chocolate, Nukoko is transforming the industry with its sustainable and healthy range of cocoa-free chocolate products. Their innovative solution uses precision fermentation to recreate chocolate flavors without relying on increasingly rare cocoa beans, making them the first ‘bean to bar’ maker to utilize this cutting-edge technology. With their proprietary platform, Nukoko can create chocolate using locally sourced beans from temperate regions.