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Mimicking Nature to preserve our Food & Environment
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Joaquin Fisch, CEO
"Our goal is to unlock the power of microbial fermentation to protect our food in a way that is not only consumer-friendly, but also environmentally-friendly."
30% of all the food produced is lost between farm to fork. Ending up in landfill the rotting food and resulting greenhouse gases are a major driver of climate change.

Every day, more food (and more resources to grow that food) is required to feed an ever-increasing world population. Consequently, reducing spoilage is becoming a vital element of any sustainable strategy.

Nat4Bio is a biotechnology platform that develops naturally-sourced and zero-residue coatings that protect fruit from spoilage. They leverage microbial fermentation of selected fungi & bacteria in order to produce natural compounds with relevant properties. Through carefully designed downstream processes, they are able to obtain cell-free compounds, meaning they use microbes’ active principles without the microbes themselves. Their first product is a natural and edible coating for fresh lemons that could potentially replace the combination of waxes and chemical fungicides. They are also working with blueberries and avocados, and their goal is to expand their portfolio to address the specific needs of all types of fruit.