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Marissa Cuevas Flores, CEO
What if we could take toxic nitrogen and phosphorus from the water and put it back into the land or﹣even better﹣produce something that we can use to feed the world?
70% of the world’s freshwater goes into agriculture. Shouldn’t it be reusable?

microTERRA has developed a unique functional ingredient for the plant-based food industry, which has no color or taste, enabling customers to deliver nutritional value without sacrificing the texture, taste, or presentation of plant-based products that aim to mirror traditional protein sources.

microTERRA partners with existing aquaculture farms in Mexico to grow lemna, an aquatic plant, in a scalable, affordable, and sustainable way. microTERRA is able to leverage these aquafarms to produce lemna 3-5 times cheaper than competitors, while providing farmers with an extra revenue stream, cleaner aquafarm water, and a reduced water footprint by two thirds. microTERRA’s vision is to create ingredients that instead of using water, are cleaning water.