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Mendel Health
AI for clinical data
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Karim Galil, CEO
Since our platform became commercially available last year, our revenue has increased by 15X. It is clear that our customers see Mendel’s value as we have had a 100% conversion rate from our pilot program to multi-year agreements.
245 different EMR systems are in use today, and despite $30 billion in US government incentives to create interoperability, community doctors still spend 40% of their time in front of a computer -- and only 28% of time with patients.

True interoperability of the health care data system means not just one hospital sharing data with another, it means integrating all clinical trial notes and physician notes. Keyword tagging isn’t enough.

Mendel A.I. is the world’s best system for reading natural language — specific to healthcare. Their system turns unstructured data into structured data that can then be mined or searched and associated. One can imagine that what’s natural for a clinician to write varies highly by medical field and geography. Mendel is partnered with Efax — faxes are still the most common patient data transfer system in healthcare — to interpret instantly all medical faxes.