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Kresko RNAtech
A Super Fresh Take on Functional Nutrition
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CEO Silvana Spinelli, PhD
“We must learn from what nature provides. But even our fresh foods, eaten within hours or days, are missing these supernutrients. All of our dried herbs, all of our traditional medicines, and all of our supplements, are missing this link to true freshness.”
99.9% of bioactive RNAs are lost in our foods shortly after harvest, and we know they can be extremely beneficial to our health.

We all know that beneficial nutritional elements are lost when fresh food is processed. But something is lost even in the first half hour of being picked from the stems. Present are supernutrients which rapidly degrade if not eaten immediately – in all our fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and roots, and even in milk. 

Kresko is the first company in the world to isolate these supernutrients, discover their functionality, and stabilize them into extracts. These supernutrients are not broken down by digestion, and lab assays show remarkable impact on many of our cell types. Some are anti-inflammatory, some alter how lipids are stored, and whether we burn sugar or turn it into fat. Some reduce cortisol, some boost serotonin. They can improve and regulate our gut health.