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Jointechlabs, Inc.
Point of care fat-derived stem cells.
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Nishit Pancholi, MD, COO
The use of autologous body fats makes the procedure safer and better, and ours is the only solution that can process the fat at point of care at half the price.
Global regenerative medicine market will reach $50B by 2025

Jointechlabs is a regenerative medicine solutions company based in California providing FDA-cleared technology that empowers safe, cost-effective point-of-care regenerative medicine therapies to eliminate pain and suffering, and make you look and feel better. With 9 granted patents, signed distributors, efficient team, NIH grant, early sales, and several pipeline products, Jointechlabs is creating a regenerative medicine ecosystem as a standard of care.

Their device, MiniTC, has been shown to isolate fat-derived stem cells at in a disposable, closed loop medical device in any clinic setting, with no change in infrastructure. It’s fast gaining adoption in medical aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, orthopedics and wound care. This platform is unlocking a therapeutic development program, their first program in clinical development, JTL-T-01, is a proprietary injectable stem cell biologic therapy for osteoarthritis, and is already approved under FDA’s 510k program.

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