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Farm Minerals
The most efficient agricultural minerals on the market
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Nikita Volodin, CEO of Farm Minerals
"At Farm Minerals, we are giving away, for free, the first 1 million acres of micronutrient fertilizers. Contact us now. We can do this because our fertilizers are dramatically cheaper to manufacture than anything to come before."
Farmers all over Europe are protesting ... blocking bridges with their tractors and hurling manure on the steps of Parliament. It's too hard to make a living. One huge reason: they're spending $57 billion on fertilizer.

Today, one ton of conventional fertilizer covers about 20 acres. What if, from the same raw materials, we could make fertilizers that covered 20,000 acres?

Farm Minerals started with biological micronutrient minerals – Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, and Co. Farmers don’t spend a lot on micros, perhaps only 7% of what they spend on macros, but supplementation with Farm Minerals’ blends, across a wide variety of crops and animal feeds, yielded incredible results– within just a few days and continuing until harvest. This led to their first two blended products, ElevateFeed for animals and ForGrowth, for crops.

Now Farm Minerals is formulating macronutrients by similar processes — Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, as well as Calcium and Sulfur (to make polyhalite blends).

For N fertilizers, this is a green/decarbonized process which is an alternative to Haber-Bosch.

The key to their process is a high-surface-area carbon encapsulation that makes the biominerals dramatically more bioavailable to plant and animal biology.