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Dalton Bioanalytics
Digitizing blood for the future of human health
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Austin Quach, PhD, CSO
The only way to really automatically capture most of this information is to integrate multiple layers of bioinformation — a.k.a. multiomics. For example, genomics (DNA), transcriptomics (RNA), proteomics (proteins), microbiomics (microbes), metabolomics (metabolites), and exposomics (exposures), etc.
Instead of doing 30+ routine blood tests, you can just do all of them in a one-shot multi-omic assay

Dalton Bioanalytics has developed a new way of analyzing all of the different types of biochemicals in blood. Using tried-and-true liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, they measure proteins, lipids, electrolytes, metabolites, and other small molecules–providing a more complete analysis at a fraction of the cost while maintaining data integration and integrity.

This data rich platform has applications for human health, from discovering novel biomarkers to developing new clinical tests to drug development. Our vision is to create a single low cost liquid biopsy that can be used for early detection across a wide range of common and rare diseases and conditions. Dalton is also working with many Fortune 500 companies to understand and develop better food and consumer goods, and optimize bioprocesses for industry.