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Chi Botanic
Plant stem cell factories.
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Jonathan Meuser, PhD, CEO
A plant will double in years, but a plant cell culture can double in days. We can replace an entire hectare of farmland with just a 50L reactor.
Raspberry ketones – the essence of raspberry – cost $20,000 and make up only a tiny amount in a raspberry

The most valuable plant products are difficult to grow, and make up a $250B industry for fragrance and flavors. Here’s the kicker: the most valuable parts are only a TINY fraction of the overall plant. So, why grow the entire plant just to get the small amount of the most valuble parts?

Chi Botanic overturns 10,000 years of agriculture, by not growing the whole plant. Instead, they take the source plant, convert it to stem cells, and then grow plant cell cultures, which grow 30 times faster than a normal plant, and requires neither the land area nor the pesticides and fertilizer to grow it. Their go to market product is aloe, and then moving towards other plant cells, like raspberry ketones which cost $20,000/kg. Chi Botanic is not just a plant product company–their plant cell culture is a full platform with high throughput robotics, proprietary cell lines, and genetics know-how.