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'Off-the-Shelf' Cell Therapies to Cure Cancer
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"In the future, next-generation cell therapies for cancer will be available ‘off-the-shelf’ as ‘drugs’ with discrete controlled phenotype or state driving consistent anticancer functions.”
Cell-based immunotherapy in cancer has shown a game-changing improvement demonstrating 60% of patients in complete remission after 5 years of treatment.

Discovery of CAR-T cell-based therapies has transformed the treatment landscape for blood cancer patients. Still, the process to achieve this is “one patient – one batch”, limiting manufacturing scalability with high patient-to-patient variability. Moreover, complicated supply chain issues and associated high cost add to the hurdles of providing access to a larger population. On the other hand, the final product is often a non-specific mixed bag of cell states inhibiting its overall functional potency and durability, particularly when providing treatments for solid cancers. As a clinical-stage biotech company, Cell BioEngines is addressing these bottlenecks by utilizing healthy umbilical cord blood as a single stable source, high quality raw material to obtain ‘off-the-shelf’ true stem cells. Their first clinical-stage product is an expanded hematopoietic stem cell therapy to use as a replacement tissue in bone marrow transplantation. Their proprietary manufacturing platform technology, Stem-SPACE, allows Cell BioEngines to also produce a broad arsenal of rare, highly potent clinical-grade immune cells for dosing 10’s and 100’s of patients from 1 cord blood unit at 10X lower cost. Their lead pre-clinical-stage immune cell product is a one-size-fits-all yet personalized cell-based therapeutic vaccine, composed of allogeneic dendritic cell type 1 (cDC1).