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Building the Future of Telehealth
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"Telehealth has the potential to close the healthcare disparity gap, but changes in regulation and payment models need to happen in order for these improvements in care delivery to occur."
Only 8% of physicians who use telehealth are doing diagnostic testing during the session because they don’t have the capability to assess the patient’s symptoms during the telehealth session.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth usage has been up over 500%, yet little progress has been made to advance this critical technology. While a video call can offer unprecedented access to your physician, it is subjective by nature and, in its current form, cannot offer much in the way of diagnosis and accurate physical assessment. With Inteleclinic, Care Constitution’s proprietary software system, clinicians and physicians have the potential to remotely evaluate their patients in a quantitative manner with diagnostic capability that is even better than an in-person visit. With their initial focus on evaluating neuromuscular disorders, clinicians can quantify minute physical changes in patient’s faces and body movements that can be incredibly beneficial for clinical trial patient recruitment and retention. Additionally, Inteleclinic allows more complex data collection for individuals in remote locations, so patients do not have to travel to clinic sites. This increased accessibility allows for more robust enrollment, especially for diverse populations that have social barriers to healthcare, those that are too sick to come to the clinic, or those that live far from clinical research sites. Care Constitution is poised to deliver on its mission to deliver better access to quality healthcare for all.