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BryoSphere Biotechnologies
Harnessing moss biotech to manufacture the best natural compounds for skincare.
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Hila Behar, PhD, CEO
"At BryoSphere Biotechnologies, we harness the power of moss to solve a critical skincare challenge: the manufacturing of complex, plant-derived compounds. Our pioneering technology makes these transformative ingredients accessible, revolutionizing skincare with innovative, effective solutions."
Moss has the genetic potential of land plants, with the scalable culture of algae

Why we invested:

Our investment in BryoSphere is an addition to SOSV’s next-gen biomanufacturing portfolio that spans a diversity of chassis, processes, vessels, and feedstocks. BryoSphere is one of the only companies in the world to use moss cells in photobioreactors as an expression system. These ancient plants are really good at making compounds to protect themselves from the sun’s UV radiation – compounds that can’t be made in any other system.

The first sign of aging isn’t wrinkles. It’s the age spots – known as hyperpigmentation. The solutions suck. Not this one. BryoSphere’s first product, BryoBright, is a natural hyperpigmentation treatment 3x more effective than existing options. This natural compound has been validated by many beauty companies, and could be added to hundreds of products, similar to the way SPF is. There’s been just one big problem – the natural molecule is too expensive to extract from plants, and nobody has been able to manufacture it affordably, even with synthetic chemistry. Enter moss to the rescue. BryoSphere is leveraging those capabilities of moss to create first-of-a-kind skincare ingredients for beauty brands, starting with BryoBright.