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Capra Biosciences
Our planet is riddled with petroleum. Bacterial biofilms to rescue
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Liz Onderko, Ph.D, CEO
In the future, even motor oil won't be made from motor oil
Capra's bioreactor costs only $1000 to make, uses 100X less water, and can sell bio-derived retinol at 90% margins.

In fermentation, biologists focus on free-floating bacteria and yeast for making products today – and if biofilms develop, it’s a big problem.

Capra reverses that equation. In nature, 99% of all bacteria exist in the biofilm state, and at Capra, biofilms are the solution. Biofilms mean more cells packed tightly together, working together as a team. Capra designed their unique bioreactor around this unique insight, resulting resulting in a process that requires less infrastructure, up to 100X water, and minimal downstream processing. These bring cost savings up to 90% on CAPEX and OPEX.

Capra is making high performance lubricants for the $150 billion motor oil market. But first they’re making a bio-Retinol for the cosmetics market.