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Biolumen's SugarSink Superfiber reduces glucose levels
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* Data source: Crunchbase
Paolo Costa, CEO
Is apple sauce closer to apple juice or to an apple? The correct answer is apple juice. In apple sauce, the structure has been destroyed and the gut absorbs everything very fast. Our difference is we re-enmesh the apple sauce back into the fiber structure.
Only 5 percent of people in the US meet the Institute of Medicine's recommended daily target for fiber consumption.

Every Biolumen fiber pill is as effective as 21 conventional fiber pills. Taken with meals or snacks, Biolumen knocks 15-20 points off your sugar spike, reducing insulin response.

Working with ProDigest’s artificial gut system, the gold standard in microbiome assays, SugarSink Superfiber showed dramatic benefits:
+37% butyrate
+34% propionate
+37% acetates
Biolumen is working with two international corporates on product lines of snacks.