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The next step in breast reconstruction
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* Data source: Crunchbase
Nicholas Pashos, Ph.D
We created NACgraft because we believe breast cancer survivors deserve an effective nipple reconstruction process that looks and feels great.
Close to 80% of women who underwent nipple reconstruction would describe it as being important and would encourage other women to undergo the procedure.

BioAesthetics’ Nipple-Areolar Complex Graft, or NACgraft, is a revolutionary next step in breast reconstruction that will provide patients who have had mastectomies with a new, natural, living nipple and areola. The NACgraft is a cell-free, biologically-derived nipple and areola graft that once applied by a surgeon, will allow the patient’s own body to integrate the NACgraft. This process uses the patient’s own natural ability to heal, resulting in a real and living nipple unique to and uniquely a part of the patient.

They are currently engaged in a clinical stufy for their NAC, and beginning development of enhanced biologically derived grafts — capable of sustained drug delivery — to improve outcomes for third degree burn survivors through an NIH grant.