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Next generation of single-cell sequencing
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Leandro Ciappina, CEO
"We envision a future where even complex samples can be routinely probed at the level of individual cells. To achieve that, we are building the first truly scalable Single-cell solution for long-read DNA sequencers. To better understand the complexity of human biology and, ultimately, improve people's lives."
Inexpensive long-read sequencers introduce prohibitively large numbers of deletion, insertion, and substitution, with error rates as high as 10-15%.

Single-cell genomics has continued to undergo enormous progress since its inception more than a decade ago. Named twice as Method of the Year by the journal Nature, it continues to evolve with this innovation delivered by ArgenTAG. 

ArgenTAG has developed the first truly scalable single-cell solution for long-read sequencers.

The company has fundamentally changed the economics of single-cell sequencing. ArgenTAG has supplanted previous methodologies utilizing expensive Next-Generation sequencers, by enabling single-cell sequencing to be performed on cheaper 3rd generation long-read DNA sequencers. This paradigm shift will allow the democratization of single-cell sequencing that has hitherto been the preserve of well-funded laboratories. This powerful tool in the hands of the many will profoundly affect how biomedical research is performed, and will enable the invention of a myriad of new long-read applications.