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Empowering menstruators to manage their pain with freedom and dignity
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CEO Lanna Last
"Join us to close the gender pain gap and empower menstruators with freedom and dignity”
90% of menstruators describe their period pain as moderate to severe.

Period pain has an immediate negative impact on the quality of life, forcing 41% of menstruators to miss work or school. For places like the US, this results in over $7B loss annually. Current treatment options such as painkillers (NSAIDs), hormones, opioids, and surgery have serious side effects like kidney failure, stomach ulcers, blood clots, strokes, loss of fertility, and even death. So, why don’t other treatment options exist?  

AIMA is transforming the lives of 80M North American menstruators by developing a new generation of period pain management systems. They are working diligently to bring tested CBD-infused products into the hands of menstruators. Their first product, OVY, is a vaginal suppository that will offer a safe and effective pain management solution with dosages based on personalized pain response. 

AIMA will conduct a dose-escalating clinical study to assess the safety and efficacy of their CBD-infused vaginal suppository in 40 menstruators who have moderate to severe dysmenorrhea. This clinical study will provide foundational information about the blood profile of cannabinoids and provide the first scientific evidence about the vaginal delivery of CBD and CBG.