Oliver Worsley, Ph.D., CEO
Skin health isn’t nature or nurture; it’s both. Genetics testing provides insight into our predisposition, or natured self, and microbiome testing provides insight into our environment, or nurtured self.
The world's first at-home genetic and skin microbiome test
60% of people will suffer a skin condition at some point during their lives.

Sequential Skin provides the world’s first truly personalized skincare solution. Their easy-to-use at-home test kit uses advanced genetic sequencing technology to understand how your genes, skin microbiome, and environment interact to define the unique needs of your skin. They then match you to tailored skin care products that provide the exact ingredients that will work best for your skin, to boost your overall health.

Paige Whitehead, CEO
Discarded glow sticks eventually degrade, the plastic is disrupted, and their toxic chemicals enter our environment. They're actually these little time bombs!
Growing light for a brighter future
One billion toxic, single-use glow sticks are thrown away every year.

Nyoka Design Labs is creating an ecologically prosperous future by developing earth-friendly technology to replace standard toxic, wasteful products. They use sustainable biotechnology and material science advances to build inspiring & innovative tech following a circular economy model.

Nyoka is tackling the $4B portable lighting industry by developing two deeply sustainable technologies designed to replace single-use glow sticks and LEDs while simultaneously innovating the packaging required to successfully deploy these technologies for recreational, industrial, and humanitarian purposes.

Marissa Cuevas Flores, CEO
What if we could take toxic nitrogen and phosphorus from the water and put it back into the land or﹣even better﹣produce something that we can use to feed the world?
Powering the plant based future
70% of the world’s freshwater goes into agriculture. Shouldn’t it be reusable?

microTERRA has developed a unique functional ingredient for the plant-based food industry, which has no color or taste, enabling customers to deliver nutritional value without sacrificing the texture, taste, or presentation of plant-based products that aim to mirror traditional protein sources.

microTERRA partners with existing aquaculture farms in Mexico to grow lemna, an aquatic plant, in a scalable, affordable, and sustainable way. microTERRA is able to leverage these aquafarms to produce lemna 3-5 times cheaper than competitors, while providing farmers with an extra revenue stream, cleaner aquafarm water, and a reduced water footprint by two thirds. microTERRA’s vision is to create ingredients that instead of using water, are cleaning water.

Wendel de Oliveira Afonso, CEO
Cow's milk is an agricultural problem, it can be an ethical problem, and for 1 in 5 babies, it's an allergic problem.
The allergen-free breast milk based infant formula.
22 million babies are suffering from food allergies worldwide.

One in six babies suffer allergies to formula, leading to painful cries and sleepless nights for mother and infant alike. Alternatives such as soy-based formula or hydrolyzed cow’s milk formula are expensive and can also have violent side effects like diarrhea and vomiting.

Harmony Baby Nutrition is a food science-based company that uses precision fermentation to produce human breast milk proteins and create infant formulas that most closely mirror human breast milk. Harmony offers the only dairy-free, allergy-free, and environmentally friendly baby formula in the world.

Trill Paullin, CEO
I was teaching lab techs to test cow’s milk for the presence of other allergens when I had an epiphany: what would happen if I snuck into a closet and squirted some breast milk on this thing? My next thought was compete anger; how in the world is it we can do this for cows but we don’t do this for women?
Helping parents navigate food allergies
Free to Feed will help parents to pinpoint the source of infant allergies in days rather than months.

Free to Feed is dedicated to finding solutions for mothers of food intolerant infants. The Free to Feed allergen test that identifies various food proteins in breast milk, allowing breastfeeding mothers the opportunity to determine what is eliciting a response in the infant. 

Free to Feed aims to offer women a solution other than blindly trialing elimination diets or switching to hypoallergenic formula. Their product will be an alternative and complementary option for mothers to understand what allergens may be present in their breast milk at the time of feeding.

Zimri T. Hinshaw, CEO
Wouldn't it be awesome to live in a world where people can have the newest clothes every 6 months if they want, but they're able to be disposed of: treated, returned and recycled or upcycled or broken down into their components and put into things like garden and compost.
Animal- and plastic-free biomaterial grown from infinitely renewable bacterial nanocellullose.
The global leather industry is one the highest polluting, with over 4 million tons of solid waste produced per year.

Over 3,000 years old, leather is a part of humanity’s shared heritage and the material of choice for creators around the world. But the irreversible damage of the animal and plastic leather industries is unacceptably unsustainable, driving the world’s leading brands and creators into action on a search for a new sustainable solution. Bucha Bio materials are entirely animal & plastic-free while preserving the characteristics that creators love about leather: a classic texture, high durability, and boundless design potential.

Brian A. Klein, Ph.D, CEO
If we could address diseases of the mouth in a more precise way, we would have less downstream systemic problems.
Microbiome-based therapeutics.
Half the world's population suffers from some sort of oral disease.

Oral diseases are systemic diseases suffered by over 3.5 billion people worldwide: the periodontal disease suffered by half of American adults is linked to diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. BrickBuilt Therapeutics is developing a live biological product discovered by CEO Brian Klein. BrickBuilt is using this strain and others in its microbial library to develop microbiome-focused therapeutics for oral and systemic diseases.

This is not a single asset company: BrickBuilt scientists have built a platform to screen the world’s first purpose-built oral microbial culture collection to identify bacterial strains which have therapeutic merit.

James Webb, CEO
One third of the food that you eat is dependent on pollinators. Cotton is pollinated by bees. A lot of the animals that we eat feed on the plants that bees pollinate. A world without bees is definitely going to sting.
Protecting pollinators with pesticide detoxification technology
One-third of food is pollinator-dependent

One-third of food is pollinator-dependent, which means simply, pollinator survival represents human survival. The continuous use of pesticides in Industrialagriculture is decimating managed and native pollinator populations at an accelerating rate.

Beemmunity’s microsponge technology absorbs and neutralizes all pesticides when consumed by pollinators, improving survival rates from 0% to 80%. Beemmunity reduces the heavy burden placed on commercial beekeepers to meet the increasing demand for pollination services each season by delivering a product that treats pesticide exposure, reducing the number of hive losses and creating healthier hives.