Fast Company
Nov 8, 2021
Upside Foods new commercial facility will scale production—and give tours

Fast Company reports on the grand opening of Upside Foods’ (formerly Memphis Meats) (IBSF02 2015) new 53,000-square-foot food production facility in Emeryville, CA.  “Take a look inside this shiny, industrial ‘cultivated meat’ factory of the future” describes the company’s first commercial space for producing meat—chicken, beef, duck, and other meat—from cells grown inside bioreactors. By building the factory in the middle of a bustling neighborhood and designing it to welcome visitors for tours starting in January, Upside Foods’ CEO Dr. Uma Valeti aims to demystify cultured meats and encourage the public to embrace the concept. 

Valeti said, “What’s happened in the last five years is unlike anything that’s ever happened in the food industry. Now we know there’s nearly 100 companies across the world, in nearly every meat-producing and meat-consuming country, trying to do cultivated meat. And that type of acceleration has never happened in food, especially for a completely new space.”

To see video of the grand opening, click here.