Jan 11, 2022
Upside Foods and others await FDA approval to produce cultured meat
Photo: Upside Foods

The Bloomberg article “Ready to eat some lab-grown meat? The FDA will soon decide,” reports “the science experiment” that is lab-grown meat “could soon reach your supermarket.” The meat it refers to is grown by Upside Foods (SOSV IBSF02 2015), a startup founded by cardiologist Uma Valeti which recently opened a 53,000-square foot culture-meat production facility in Berkeley ahead of official approvals to sell the product. The article says Upside is currently awaiting FDA regulatory requirements and approval to sell and ship cruelty-free meat, which will likely be chicken nuggets and chicken breasts. 

Chase Purdy, the author of Billion Dollar Burger: Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food, is quoted about recent developments in the approval process: “There’s been this haggling over the regulatory framework, but these are signs that the agencies are really close.”