Food Navigator
Mar 28, 2022
The Every Company debuts “the world’s first animal-free egg white” via macaron by Chantal Guillon

Food Navigator reports The Every Company (SOSV IBSF01 2015) has teamed up with upmarket west-coast patisserie brand Chantal Guillon to road test its new Every EggWhite—which the company has billed as “the world’s first animal-free egg white”—in a product heavily reliant on the unique functional properties of egg whites: the French macaron.

About the launch, The Every Company founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo says, “Every EggWhite tastes, whips, and gels like a chicken-derived egg white to provide the same height, foam stability, aeration, and texture needed for baking, and can be use in applications that span the gamut from cakes, cookies, and breads to protein bars, plant-based meats and pastas.”