The Spoon
May 5, 2022
Sea & Believe developing realistic, flakey plant-based cod

The Spoon article “Sea & Believe is Making Plant-Based Whole Cut ‘Cod’ That Flakes Like Real Fish” reports on the development of a new product for a startup that already sells two alt-fish items, a seaweed burger and seaweed goujons. Growing up in Ireland, Sea & Believe (SOSV IBSF12 2021) founder Jennifer O’Brien discovered the health benefits of eating seaweed to help with her asthma. According to the article, O’Brien and Chief Technology Officer Piyali Chakraborty believe their alt cod filet made from Irish seaweed “will be the first plant-based seafood product to flake just like the real thing.”

The story is also covered in Vegconomist.