Perishable News
Apr 11, 2022
Research shows Beeflow pollination program produces 50% larger blueberries

Perishable News published the findings from a recent Washington State University Study, which found a blueberry farm pollinated with the Beeflow (SOSV IBSF06 2018) hive management system and health supplements produced 50% larger fruit than a non-Beeflow farm. The research also showed that on colder, non-ideal pollination days, the Beeflow farm experienced an increased level of foraging, or flight hours. 

Matias Viel, Beeflow Founder and CEO says, “Our goal is to innovate in order to optimize pollination in a way that has not been done before. We know how important our work is to increasing biodiversity and helping to build an agriculture system that is more harmonious with nature, so these positive results are monumental to achieving this goal.”