Food Navigator
Mar 4, 2022
Lypid raises $4 million seed round to commercialize its rich, juicy vegan fat

Food Navigator reported a $4 million seed round for vegan-fat producer Lypid (SOSV IBSF11 2021). The round was led by Green Generation with additional support from Big Idea Ventures, SOSV’s IndieBio, and others. The article says that Lypid’s novel formulation and process of micro-encapsulation allow its product, PhytoFat, to heat up like animal fat and maintain both an accurate mouthfeel and flavor transfer, differentiating it from other vegan fats on the market.

About the challenges of the vegan food market, Lypid co-founders Jen-Yu Huang and Michelle Lee say: “Plant-based meat alternatives are getting ‘meatier’ by the day as brands reverse engineer animal products and put them back together with plants. But getting plant-based fat to behave like animal fat has been a major stumbling block for the industry.”