Sep 20, 2018
By Alex Kopelyan
Introducing IndieBio Class Seven

At IndieBio, we are on a mission to turn scientists into entrepreneurs to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Biology as a technology has now come to the point where we are able to design the world around us with unprecedented speed and precision to improve planetary and human health.

This renaissance is being fueled by converging megatrends of machine learning, CRISPR, genomics, and cellular agriculture and a wave of forward-thinking scientists leaving the halls of academia to build startups.

We have made many improvements to the IndieBio program in the past several months, including the addition of a leadership track with tailored mentors and sessions to help scientists become leaders.

We’ve also introduced an Adjunct Partner board, composed of subject-matter experts across the life sciences. The first six members are:

  • Alexander (Sasha) Kamb, PhD: Sasha has decades of experience leading R&D teams in biopharma. He’s currently the CSO of A2 Biotherapeutics, and previously was Senior VP of R&D at Amgen.
  • Darrin Crisitello, MBA: Darrin brings years of sales experience from across healthcare. He has scaled multiple large sales teams, with his most recent being Color Genomics and Natera.
  • David Eagleman, PhD: David is a renowned neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and author. He’s the CEO of NeoSensory, an adjunct professor at Stanford University, writer and presenter of PBS’s The Brain, and advisor to several companies and non-profits.
  • Leonardo Teixeira, PhD: Leo embodies the scientist to entrepreneur story of many IndieBio founders. He co-founded GeneWeave coming out of his PhD at Cornell, which was later acquired by Roche.
  • Shehnaaz Suliman, MD, MPhil, MBA: Shehnaaz brings a wealth of experience at the intersections of medicine and biopharma. She has a deep expertise in strategy and corporate development, and was also a practicing physician.
  • Tim Lu, MD, PhD: Tim is a pioneer in synthetic biology, weaving together a background in medicine, biomedical engineering, and computer science. He’s an assistant professor at MIT and serial entrepreneur, with his latest venture being Senti Biosciences.

Today we’re excited to announce our seventh class at IndieBio. Founders have converged on San Francisco for the next four months to productize their insights through a design driven process. Startups span the future of food, consumer biology, therapeutics, and diagnostics.


BioROSA enables early detection and improvements in the pediatric diagnostic process for autism by providing clinicians validated blood tests to improve diagnostic certainty.

Chronus Health

Chronus Health is building a handheld diagnostic device that reduces turnaround times at clinics from days to minutes. Their initial launch for CBC and CMP tests account for 50% of all blood tests performed.


Clinicai is building a smart toilet monitor for non-invasive early detection of gastrointestinal cancers and diseases.


Convalesce is creating stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, starting with Parkinson’s. With a proprietary biomaterial they create a brainlike micro-environment suited for stem cell differentiation.


Filtricine is developing a drug-free nutrient deprivation therapy to exploit metabolic dependencies to kill cancer cells.


Oralta designs tailored probiotics for oral health. Their probiotics balance communities of microbes to treat bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

New Age Meats

New Age Meats is making clean meat with an automated data-driven platform.


NovoNutrients makes food from CO2. Their microbes break down industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and reassemble them into low-cost and nutrient-rich aquaculture feed and specialty ingredients.


Ember is a distributed platform to bring emergency medicine out of the hospital. By connecting patients in need to health professionals in the community, they speed up response times and improve outcomes.


Quartolio is a knowledge management platform that accelerates research by connecting the dots across scientific articles, clinical trials, and patents with the power of NLP.

Serenity Bioworks

Serenity Bioworks is developing an immune tolerance platform for biologics. Their first product will unlock redosable gene therapy for Hemophilia.


Stämm is reinventing the infrastructure of bio-manufacturing with a new approach to fermentation. Their miniaturized bioreactors accelerate condition optimization, lower cost, and allow for modular scaling.

Check out our events for opportunities to meet the founders and learn about the future of biotech, and mark your calendar for Demo Day on November 6th!

About IndieBio

IndieBio is the world’s leading life sciences accelerator, having funded 94 biotech startups since starting in March 2015. Companies from all over the world apply to be part of a 4 month acceleration program which includes $250,000 funding, dedicated mentorship, and 24/7 access to a co-working space and bio-safety level 1 & 2 labs. During the program, teams are focused on turning science into product, closing customers, and raising follow-on investment.

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