Jan 28, 2022
By Julie Wolf
IndieBio NY Class 3 Demo Day: Ready to make an impact

IndieBio NY Demo Day was a huge success! The 10 graduating startups gave 3-minute presentations on the huge problem they are tackling in human or planetary health, their technical product that solves the problem, and the opportunity for immense impact for good when these startups succeed.

Thank you for all the enormous support to our founders and for believing in the vision that biology is the future.

Congrats to the fantastic startups who participated in IndieBio NY Class 3:

  • Bosque Foods: Whole muscle meat alternatives grown naturally from fungi
  • Ceragen: Probiotics for plants to increase crop yields
  • Helex: Enabling safer gene editing
  • Inso Biosciences: Next-generation sample prep. In solution
  • Kutanios: Defending skin against environmental and aging-related damage
  • Kyomei: Transforming meat protein production with plants
  • Pannex Therapeutics: Developing life-transforming therapies based on blocking Pannexin 1 channels
  • RizLab Health: Bringing blood analysis to patients’ fingertips
  • Tômtex: Designing the future of sustainable biomaterial
  • Upright: Plant-based goods to nourish the world

Did you miss it? Do you want to watch again? Review the short presentations from each IndieBio NY Class 3 at the event archive here or enjoy the event recording below.