Feb 11, 2022
Endless West raises $60 million C round

In “Endless West Raises $60 Million To Expand Its Molecular Spirits Technology,” Forbes reports that Endless West (SOSV IBSF01 2015) raised a $60 million C round co-led by Level One Fund and UBS O’Connor. According to the article, Endless West aims to use the funds to expand “production capabilities by 10x to 20x” and broaden use of its technology to the B2B market via the startup’s research arm, Blank Collective.

About the mission of Blank Collective, Endless West co-founder Alec Lee says, “We built a core tech that isn’t fundamentally about wine or whiskey—or any fundamental product itself. Our hope and our belief is that ultimately what matters isn’t how much we control the brands themselves but how many they will utilize this approach and reap the advantages from the accessibility, quality, and sustainability.”