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The world’s first zero waste packaged food brand built exclusively on regenerative agriculture
* Data source: Crunchbase
* Data source: Crunchbase
CEO Camilla Marcus, JD, MBA
"What we choose to eat morning, noon, and night are transformative change agents to forging a new regenerative farm system which, in turn, better fuels our own health."
west~bourne has captured 60,884 lbs of carbon to date and saved 46,617 trees

west~bourne was the first certified zero-waste restaurant in NYC. Now the founder Camilla Marcus is in LA, where she has created the world’s first zero-waste packaged goods brand, sourcing exclusively from farms that deploy regenerative agriculture. Their baking mixes, tasty snacks, and yummy sauces are quickly winning awards and prominent distribution.

As regenerative ag practices increase, farmers don’t want to dump their premium ingredients into the CPG brands of old. With west~bourne, they are creating a “regenerative twin” supply and processing chain.