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Methanol from cold plasma and air
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Abed Bukhari, CEO
“Green methanol isn't just a product; it's a revolution to replace fossil fuels with a much cleaner solution. Our scalable technology is rewriting the narrative, offering a cleaner, greener future in the marine and aviation markets.”
The International Chamber of Shipping projects that over 100 ships equipped with methanol-fueled engines will be operational by 2024, resulting in an additional demand of approximately a million tonnes of methanol.

Welcome to the era of “Direct Air Utilization.” You all know Direct Air Capture, and you all know Carbon Utilization. In a single step, SpiralWave radically brings down the energy and the costs of transforming the carbon in air and the hydrogen in water into hydrocarbon fuel. Unlike competing DAC and CCUS technologies and traditional reactors relying on vacuums, high temperatures, and pricey catalysts, SpiralWave scales non-thermal plasma at atmospheric pressure indefinitely.

Each SpiralWave’s reactor –  The Microbeam™  – can mine CO2 from the air each day, combining it with hydrogen from river or lake water, resulting in green methanol at cost parity with grey methanol — all at room temperature and ambient pressure. The energy demand is very low; one ton of pure methanol costs 7,000 KWh.

Our second reactor  –  The Nanobeam™  – performs Direct Flue Gas Utilization. We skip the capture, and work directly from your flue gas, whether it’s a low CO2 concentration or high, and including CO mix or not.

SpiralWave carefully fine-tunes the pulse, the frequency, and water microdroplet parameters to bias towards the formation of methanol, as opposed to other hydrocarbon byproducts. This green-methanol is a vital building block for an emerging class of green maritime fuels. To that end, a large global transport, logistics, and energy conglomerate has expressed interest in a large takeoff agreement with SpiralWave.