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VIA Fuels
Filling the gap between fossil fuels of today and the eFuels of tomorrow
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CEO Lewis Dutel
“We don’t have to wait for 2035 for a new grid to support electric vehicles. We don’t have to wait until 2050 for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Via Fuels’ technology can impact climate change in a big way – today. With existing infrastructure, existing jets and vehicles.”
The tax credits and incentives for Sustainable Aviation Fuel can be $5.30 to $7.30 a gallon

Ethanol may be 10% of every gas tank, but the economics of making ethanol have become marginal. VIA Fuels enables ethanol plants to use their existing infrastructure and feedstocks to make much more valuable and versatile drop-in, carbon neutral fuels.

Unlike ethanol, VIA Fuels can be blended at higher rates to create renewable fuels for use in today’s engines due to a 30% greater energy density. With eligibility for Alternative Fuel Credits, VIA can target transportation decarbonization at the fuel source enabling the decarbonization of vehicles on the road today. Lastly, they are simple to include in jet fuel, while ethanol must undergo an expensive and inefficient conversion.