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Playing Music to Cells to Unlock the Industrial Potential of Advanced Therapeutics
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“Cell and gene therapies are showing unprecedented potential to cure incurable diseases, such as cancer. While the therapeutic promise is real, we need to turn this promise into an industrial reality where all patients can have access to these much needed treatments. The power of ultrasound can be what the industry has been missing in the past decades to transform the way they are manufactured and unlock massive efficiencies in manufacturing.”
Over 30% of gene therapy clinical trials are being terminated, not because of efficacy, but because of financial and return on investment matters.

For billions of people, cell and gene therapies offer the possibility of curing incurable diseases, but access to these life saving treatments feels out of reach as large scale manufacturing remains one of the biggest bottlenecks in producing these game changing solutions. These therapies can cost as much as $3.5M per patient and 30% of clinical trials are being terminated, not because of efficacy but because of cell manufacturing limits. Kolibri is reimagining the way mammalian cells are grown to unlock the industrial potential of these treatments. Unlike traditional methods, they use acoustic waves to move cells around in a gentle manner which provides a low shear optimal environment for cells to thrive in as it is actually much closer to the environment found in our bodies. Their patented bioreactors show a 10x increase in yield while lowering production cost by as much as 50 times, therefore unlocking patient access to these much needed treatments. By using sound, Kolibri has the potential to both increase the industry’s market size and the number of people who have access to these much needed treatments.