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All the energy of an explosion, in the size of a tiny bubble
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Julie Kring, CEO
Turning excess electricity into high-intensity focused ultrasound is an incredibly efficient way to provide the heat and pressure we need for our chemical reactions to take place
The world produces an abundance of waste -- 70 tons per day for just a small city. Valorizing waste streams through high energy, low cost sonication unlocks new sustainable value streams.

With our current technologies, the world’s global production and supply of energy will not be able to meet future demands. This is doubly true as more and more corporate promises are flooding in, aiming to achieve “net zero” by 2050. We need new technologies not only to produce and store energy, but also to move us away from carbon-intensive sources like petroleum.

To meet the diverse needs of a global energy market, Khepra uses fuel production as power storage for excess renewable electricity. Khepra is building reactors that deploy high intensity ultrasound frequencies to take flaked waste — everything from unrecyclable plastics to biomass to cardboard — and even mixed waste — and break the chemical bonds in the waste. This releases valuable chemicals and fuels, which are readily sold to refineries. Zero waste remains — everything in the reactor becomes fuel. Khepra will be working with Alabama Energy Group to upcycle their pulp and paper waste streams into fuels.