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Indee Labs
Democratizing access to cell therapies using the power of vortices.
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* Data source: Crunchbase
Ryan Pawell, CEO
We’re looking to ultimately manufacture these life-changing therapeutics for tens of millions of people every year.
Regulators require at least 80% cell viability for gene therapy to avoid adverse effects. Indee is one of few to clear that bar

With their microvortex shedding technology, Indee Labs’ cell engineering platform preserves cell function while boasting high recovery efficiencies and each 5 x 10mm chip can process >50 million cells at >2-4 million cells per second and as low as 100uL in processing volume.

This matters to the population of patients who today cannot afford cell therapy due to the high cost associated with their production. With this system, the ability to engineer T-cells rapidly and more efficiently will make cell therapies more accesible.