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Forte Protein
Making animal protein ingredients safely in plants
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CEO Kathleen Hefferon
"The science that lies behind Forte Protein provides us with innovative approaches with which to address food insecurity on many levels. Reducing our reliance on animals will lower the carbon footprint associated with conventional food production."
While on a Fulbright scholarship, Founder and CEO, Dr. Kathleen Hefferon developed a novel approach to making plant-based alternatives to animal proteins.

Forte Protein has developed an expression system to produce bio-identical animal proteins such as ovalbumin and lactoferrin within plants like kale or lettuce. Their technology platform allows them to quickly and economically produce and harvest a complete spectrum of complex animal proteins in plants sustainably. Their proteins can be used as ingredients in all kinds of non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free products such as meat replacements, energy drinks, supplements, gels, cheese, and milk alternatives.

Forte Protein’s expression vector technology was developed by Co-Founder Dr. Kathleen Hefferon at Cornell University to produce target animal proteins in greenhouses, using short plant growth cycles, that increase yield and minimize pest pressures.  

They can also repurpose their plant waste as feedstock, fertilizer, biofuel, extracts, and other plant compounds to further reduce their carbon footprint and produce additional revenue streams.